lamisil tablet
Terbinafine tablets (Brand name: Lamisil) belong to the class of medications called antifungals. Terbinafine is prescribed to treat certain fungal infections of the skin and nails. Terbinafine tablets - oral antifungal treatment with wide spectrum of antifungal activity. Terbinafine specifically inhibits the early stage of the biosynthesis of sterols in fungal cells, which leads to a deficiency of ergosterol, the intracellular accumulation of squalene and as a result - death of the fungus cell. Terbinafine has broad spectrum of activity against fungi causing disease of skin, hair and nails, including dermatophytes.

Fungal infections are not easy to treat. It takes a long time to heal them completely and a person suffers from pain and irritation due to some infection. However, you can now put an end to all your frustrations with Terbinafine (Lamisil). Many people who use Terbinafine (Lamisil) tablets found this medication very effective.

You can take Terbinafine (Lamisil) tablets as oral treatment as prescribed by your doctor. The doctor may attach right dosage to you after reviewing your nail fungus. Your doctor should also be aware of the combination of medications you are taking or from which you are allergic. You can be sure with Terbinafine pills to treat fungal infections.

So if you have a nail fungus infection then stop worrying, you can buy Terbinafine tablets and get rid all fungal infections. And you'll be able to play with nail colors.

How should I take Terbinafine (Lamisil) tablets?
The recommended dosage of Terbinafine pills for adults is 250 mg daily or 125 mg twice a day preferably with meals. Single dose depends on the body weight:
- for children weighing less than 20 kg - 62.5 mg;
- from 20 to 40 kg - 125 mg;
- more than 40 kg - 250.
In case of impaired hepatic or renal function, your physican may advice a lower dose. The duration of treatment depends on the treated condition and the severity of the infection. Several factors may be taken into consideration to determine the dose that a person needs: body weight, health and other medications you take. Your doctor may prescribe other dosage than listed here. Do not change the dose without consulting your doctor.

This medication is available under multiple brand names (generic Lamisil - terbinafine tablets) and in several different forms, or both.